Punitive Damages: Making Your Case Matter

Georgia Accident For Truck Accident Punitive Damage Claims

Your Truck Accident Case Can Make a Difference in the Lives of Other Drivers
When people are involved in truck accidents, they usually pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages and damages for the pain they have suffered. Often, personal injury lawyers who are not familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and other laws surrounding truck driving in Georgia don’t give punitive damages much consideration.

Your Case Matters to Our Macon Negligent Truck Driving Accident Attorneys

Punitive damages, or punishment damages, are meant to positively change the conduct and ways that companies do business.

More often than not, truck wrecks are caused by reasons other than isolated accidents and coincidences. Negligence and carelessness on behalf of the driver, the shipper or other parties play a big role in accidents that could have been avoided.

At Ayerbe & Arnold, LLC, we strive to make your case count. We understand how important financial compensation is for your recovery, but we also realize the opportunity for change that your case can bring about when it comes to holding the trucking company accountable for its conscious disregard for the safety of the public. Contact us today.

Changing Lives: Georgia Attorneys for Truck Accident Punitive Damage Claims

An employee of a tree service company with no commercial driver’s license (CDL) and no safety training was put behind the wheel of a company truck. He lost control of his vehicle and hit a car.

Ayerbe & Arnold, LLC, not only obtained $1 million in recoveries for the passenger of the car who sustained a broken leg from the accident, our case caused the tree service company to change its driver policies — ultimately resulting in more stringent company safety policies that will protect the public.

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